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Why worry?

Your computers should be working for you, providing the tools you need to grow. Here at Gates, we provide the peace of mind that these tools you rely on every day won’t let you down. We offer competitive, personalized service plans to make sure you can worry about what you do best.

Backup Solutions

Your data is one of your most important assets. Whether it be business documents, social media, customer info, employee information, or anything else, losing access to any of these can be severely detrimental. Ransomeware, a type of virus that will hold your computer’s files for a ransom. These types of attacks have become even more common, with 1 in 5 Americans* having become victim to it. Having a proper backup solution in place can help remediate in the event of one such attack.

* Source


Our digital presence is more important than ever, but that means cyber threats are becoming more and more common. In 2020 alone, malware attacks increased by 358% from 2019*. We can help reduce the risks of operating online by ensuring everything from your private business documents to your customers’ personal and banking information is secured.

* Source

Hardware Installation & Network Setup

Whether getting set up in a new building or wanting to speed up your workflow where you are now, we can help facilitate getting all of the technology you rely on set up. We are able to install payment processing solutions, office networks and computers, security systems, or anything else you may require.

Remote Monitoring & Management

We offer remote management to ensure as little downtime as possible. In the event of a hiccup, we have a number of different solutions to help get you back up and running quicker than ever before!

Support Solutions

We’re here to help with any of your issues, big or small. You and your employees can submit a ticket or reach us at our helpline and we will help resolve any of your tech problems!

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